eSMART Simple Payroll - The complete online payroll software service.

eSMART Simple Payroll, The complete online payroll software service. eSMART Simple Payroll software service is a certified IRS e-file provider.  SecurityMetrics Credit Card Safe
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"Your product is extremely well designed and saves an enormous amount of work. It is elegantly simple to use."

About Us
Provide simple, convenient, fast and accurate tools for individuals, and efficient, accurate and low cost solutions for organizations to collect, exchange and process information.

Products and Services
C&S develops eSmartForms for income tax, payroll tax returns and provide e-File services to IRS, SSA and the States.

The unique eSmartForms look and print exactly like the paper forms except they are used with Microsoft Word® and compute taxes for you.

Unlike PDF forms, eSmartForms can be saved and printed like regular Word documents.

Download in seconds.
No installation.
Save, print and mail or e-file to IRS.

Each eSmart form works independently and related forms work together by reading data from each other.

eSmartForms are the easiest and the most versatile electronic forms for your form needs and C&S is the only company that creates and distributes these high quality Word based, electronic and computing forms on the Internet.

eSmart Payroll Services Center provides the widest range of e-file services for your business. C&S is one of few IRS e-file partners for business tax returns.

Prepare and e-file online at our site.
Use eSmartForms on your computer, then upload data to e-file.
Batch e-file for multiple companies with significant price discount.

C&S, being the actual e-file software developer, understands the issues and requirements for efficient and accurate e-File.

You can use eSmart online or eSmartForm e-file solutions or you can send us your data and we will take care of the rest. It is economical, accurate, convenient and fast.

Our Websites
Samples of eSmartForms and demos of e-file services are available at our websites.


C&S is one of few IRS authorized software and e-File service providers and our websites are linked directly from the IRS website.

Quality Standard
Although we publish many of our eSmart forms for free, we are proud to maintain the highest quality standard with every form we develop. For example, our eSmart, computer printed W-2 form was successfully processed by Society Security Administration, which requires extremely high level of accuracy.

Innovative Software
Our modular design and proprietary architecture enable eSmart forms to be used independently or together. Being modular, we can release, revise and combine programs easily. Using Word, we have a software product that requires no separate installation.

The modular software architecture can be used for not only tax forms, but all business processes. From internal process control, performance review to external quote, lead management to user survey, eSmartForms and data functions can be used to streamline the process, collect and analyze data with little investment and training.

Contact us with your specific process needs,

Our management team consists of seasoned business professionals who understand customer needs and the importance of truly valuable services to customers. We will be successful only if we provide good solutions to real problems at acceptable costs to customers.

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