eSMART Simple Payroll - The complete online payroll software service.

eSMART Simple Payroll, The complete online payroll software service. eSMART Simple Payroll software service is a certified IRS e-file provider.  SecurityMetrics Credit Card Safe
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"Your product is extremely well designed and saves an enormous amount of work. It is elegantly simple to use."

Pricing Structure
eSmart SimplePayroll is a full service online payroll solution. You can process and manage your payroll from anywhere with an internet connection. The primary services offered are payday calculation, tax depositing, and payroll return filing. We also have the ability to process 1099-MISC as well as year end annual returns such as W-2's.
eSmart SimplePayroll's pricing structure is unlike most other payroll companies. Instead of charging you per month, we charge you only when you process payroll. The exact pricing is explained below.

The cost per payday is: $15 + ($3 * Number of Paychecks Prepared).
For example, if your company has 3 employees being paid monthly, then the cost per payday would be $24. Similarly if you processed payroll bi-weekly for 4 employees, the cost would be $27/payday.

Direct deposit is available as an extra $25 charge per payday.
* Direct deposit can be activated once a set of tax deposits has been made for a company.

There is no monthly subscription fee nor is there an extra charge for preparing and filing payroll returns. We also will provide assistance in transferring data from prior payroll or setting up a brand new company. For an extra fee, we can even prepare and file returns and deposit taxes for prior periods as well.
For companies with larger numbers of employees, we have various ways to input data. You can enter your employee earnings directly, or you can upload a data file and have the hours and wages imported directly.
eSmart SimplePayroll is fast and flexible, allowing you to change employee deductions and add adjustments all while processing a payday.
For support, we have an online issue center that allows you to send and receive messages 24/7 and we have phone support from 9am to 6pm PST.
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For current discounts or new client offers, please contact us at: or (408) 935-8969.

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